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 Lisa Scheff, Paradox Self-Defense

Lisa Scheff, Paradox Self-Defense

About Lisa Scheff

 Lisa Scheff - Paradox Self-Defense

I have been studying self-defense formally since 2011 as a student, board member, and then for 4 years as the Executive Director of IMPACT Bay Area. As a woman, of course, I have studied self-defense informally my whole life. Discovering that there are simple verbal and physical skills that are easy to learn and remember changed my approach to personal safety from “cross my fingers, be hypervigilant, and hope nothing bad happens” to being comfortable and confident moving through the world. Nothing makes me happier than empowering my students to recognize and defend their boundaries, both emotional and physical, with strangers and with people they know. When I’m not teaching, you will find me geeking out on violence dynamics with an eclectic group of experts, studying martial arts at Hand To Hand Kajukenbo, exploring the food of Oakland, and traveling to far-flung places to satisfy my curiosity and wanderlust.