How many men were on that bus and saw what happened?

At this morning's news conference with the most recent woman to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, a reporter asked her if there were "any witnesses". That question came AFTER she gave her statement in which she said Trump was accompanied by several other men when the assault happened. Billy Bush was a witness to--and participant in--Trump's harassment of an actress in 2005.

There are more male witnesses to his assaults. There have to be. If you are one of those men, you have an incredible opportunity to be a part of the solution, to help end rape culture, by coming forward and supporting the women who are accusing Trump of harassment.

Men who haven't spent time with Donald Trump, you have an opportunity, too. If you have seen women being harassed or if the women in your life have told you about being harassed, you can be an ally by standing up and talking about what you've seen, by saying that you believe women when they report harassment. 

This is what it should mean to #ManUp

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