I fear I will be returning to this topic again and again. Every week seems to bring some new Thing that is being sold to women for self-defense purposes. Some of them are potentially Useful Things. Some of them are utterly Impractical Things. Some of them are downright Dangerous Things.  Some are both Impractical And Dangerous Things.

When they cross my path, I'll be publishing critical looks at some of these products from the perspective of, you know, actually efficacy in making anyone safer. It's a subject that will never go away so long as stereotypes about women and fear-based marketing continue to find purchase in societies around the world. I dream of the day that, when one of these products is announced, instead of "Ooh! This is awesome!" "Women, check it out!" I am greeted by a wave of outrage on social media about how The Thing assumes that women are helpless, that we need "special" tools designed for weak little creatures like ourselves if we ever hope to get through life unviolated. I look forward to Twitter threads a mile long identifying the stupidity/uselessness/downright offensiveness of these products and the way they are sold. Snaps and sick burns for days.

Until that day arrives, I will continue to critically analyze these products and share my thoughts with the goal of empowering anyone thinking of buying one in determining if it will really help them, or if the product is just more fear and bullshit wrapped in pink.