This video has been circulating pretty heavily on my Facebook feed. Several people have tagged me excitedly, as in "You're going to love this!" Here it is:

First of all, I love it when people send things like this my way. Keep 'em coming!

As a side note, I suspect that it's staged. There's something about her demeanor that doesn't add up. (Marc MacYoung takes the video apart from this perspective here. While I disagree with his characterizations of how women generally behave in these sorts of situations, I think the analysis is spot on otherwise.)

Staged or no, there are things to really love about it. When she does move, she does it quickly and decisively. She is fierce.

Here is what I think is really valuable about this video, though. It is a great illustration of what a powerful skill situational awareness can be, and conversely what a powerful distraction smart phones are. He sneaks up behind her the first time, in an elevator with reflective walls, and he is touching her before she notices that he has moved. 

Then, after she shrugs him off, she goes back to her phone while he starts creeping up on her again. Even when she puts her phone away she isn't paying attention to him. Why not? He has already proven himself to be a creep. But he is grabbing for her breast before she realizes where he is.

The best fight is the one you don't have. Physical skills are always good to have, and she's got some great ones. But anytime there is physical violence there is a risk of serious injury or death. That last knee to the head is a whopper. If she killed him (or left him paralyzed) there is a good chance there would be a prosecution. How does she justify that last knee? I'm not saying a jury would convict her, especially if it is made up of a lot of women who have been creeped on in elevators (and that's pretty much all of us, amiright?) but why put yourself in that position if you don't have to? Why not stand with your back to the wall of the elevator, keep your phone in your purse, and be aware of where he is? If someone is interested in preying on women the way this guy is--with stealth--just watching him may have been enough to deter him from doing anything.

Of course, it may not have deterred him. In which case she still has those awesome skills at the ready.